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Access Control Software - Parental control software at its best! Home version for Parental Control Buy Instantly!

Access Control Software

Access Control is your parental control solution to limiting access to all aspects of any computer!  It has been rated the BEST parental control software on the Internet and is also EXTREMELY popular with businesses and large corporations!

Parents can use our home version for the ultimate in computer parental control and businesses will love the advanced features of the professional version such as remote access and monitoring across their network!


What makes our software squash the competition!?

  • Our software works with ALL versions of Windows which includes 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, and the new XP edition!

  • Works with ANY internet connection... dial-up, cable modem, DSL, etc!

  • Set an "ALLOWANCE" during the specified times... users can have access all day, but can only use the feature for the amount of time you specify out of that day!

  • Access Control CANNOT be defeated!  We have covered all aspects including disabling the registry, change of the system clock, boot-menu, deletion of the program, even !  There is no way to get around this program and the restrictions that have been set!


Product Description Buy Now! Support

Access Control Home - the number one parental control solution for parents!

Access Control Home Edition - The solution for concerned parents or those who simply want to restrict their childs computer activity!  Access Control Home allows parents to specify when each child may use the computer, Internet, or any program or game on your computer system!

Create as many restrictions as you want throughout the week - the possibilities are endless!  You can specify what days and hours any aspect of your computer can be accessed by each child!

For example, you can allow your child to access the computer all day, but only access the internet from 4pm to 10pm.  Perhaps you think your child is spending too much time playing an online game... now you can only allow them to play for an hour a day!  You can even limit access to programs such as AOL so you know your child will not be online at night!  The possibilities are endless and the program is completely customizable to fit your needs!

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Access Control Pro  (coming soon!)  - is the solution for controlling computer access of your employees.  You can now control what they can access and when each day of the week!

Enhanced features include the ability for administrators to remotely change access settings for any user as well as remotely viewing real-time screenshots of any user on the network!  Employers now have total control of what their employees can access on their systems... be it the computer, internet, or any application on the computer!

We are currently finishing up our Professional version.  If you are interested please join our mailing list by entering your email below and clicking submit.


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