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Recommended Descriptions:

Access Control Home

Access Control Home is the number one solution for concerned parents!  Now you can build a weekly time table of "access-times" for the computer, internet, and any game or program on your computer for each child in your house!  You now have the power to control how long or during what time frames your children can use the computer, internet, or anything on your computer.  You have the ability to disable the internet while you at work without sacrificing their use of the physical computer.  Prevent use of such programs as AOL and Internet Explorer while you are at work or asleep!  Only allow them to surf the internet or play their new game for 2 hours a day!  It is all possible... the program is simply amazing!

Access Control Pro

Access Control Pro is the business solution for concerned employers!  You now have the ability to limit each employees use of the computer, internet, or applications.  Build a weekly timetable specifying "access-times" for each employee.  What else?  This can all be done remotely from the administrator login!  Administrators have the ability to change each employees account along with viewing real-time screenshots right on their remote desktop.  You can now feel safe that your employees are not abusing their privileges.



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